Sailing into our 2nd Embryo Transfer!



Last I left off we were anxiously awaiting to see if my lining had grown at all with the new added “Vag candy”. Heading into today’s appointment I was beyond nervous. I knew that if my lining hadn’t improved over this past week we would likely be heading for a canceled cycle. I know that might not sound like a big deal but believe me it is. We have been preparing for this transfer for 50 days.

50 days of preparing

A lot can happen in 50 days, thats a whole lot of life being put on hold. A whole lot of stress, anxiety and more. A whole boat load of medications and time. Not only are all of those things important factors in why a canceled cycle would be devastating but there is also the insurance side of things. Right now we are lucky enough to be fully covered by our insurance for up to 6 IVF cycles per live birth. Each cycle whether successful or not counts towards that 6 including canceled cycles. We had a lot riding on whether we would be approved to move forward or not. We have already done two cycles and this would be our third. To miss this opportunity would genuinely be devastating for us.

I’m guessing that our guardian angels up above were watching over us at our appointment today because we some how managed to get some good news. While its not perfect, my lining improved to approximately 7.5mm. 7mm is the minimum threshold my clinic will accept to transfer embryos so we genuinely made it by the skin of our teeth! While it would have been wonderful to hear that it was over 8mm at this point we are going with the motto that ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ and we are just blessed to be able to move forward with this cycle and transfer.

In the time between last week’s disappointing appointment, where we saw no growth, to this weeks appointment, I have done A LOT of research on endometrial linings and outcomes. The general thought is the thicker the better, however, much of the research out there points to trilaminar appearance being the most important. In my case, while my lining isn’t super thick, it still meets the minimum requirement, and given that it is trilaminar in appearance we were given the green light to move forward.

Starting tomorrow I will no longer take my morning lupron shots, instead I will add in endometrin suppositories twice a day, progesterone in oil at night, antibiotics, steroids and drop down to two estrogen patches every other day. Let’s just hope that everything goes according to the plan this time around! My embryos are begin shipped back up from PA on friday so they will be ready for mondays big day!

Hoping, wishing and praying for smooth sailing into this transfer and pregnancy!! Bring on our rainbow baby!

As always, wishing you and yours lots of love luck and baby dust!



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