Up Next… Natural FET

Hi all,

So much has happened since I last posted. It feels like months have passed but its really only been a few short weeks. Following our second unsuccessful transfer (technically the first was successful but ended in an early miscarriage) we had a follow up WTF appointment with our RE. This time around was different. In the past during these WTF appointments our RE always appeared calm and sturdy in her opinion to follow a strict similar protocol, that we just had “bad luck” and that she wasn’t concerned for us moving forward despite the failure and miscarriage.

This time was different…

During this appointment both Jason and I noticed that our RE who is typically very confident and sure appeared just as baffled as we were regarding a failed transfer. After-all, everything on transfer day had gone smoothly. The embryo thawed perfectly, there was no challenges in the transfer, the lining looked good. All signs had pointed to success and yet here we were sitting in front of her less than three weeks later once again empty handed.

We discussed all of the different possibilities that may have lead to our unsuccessful transfer. Was it the trouble with building the lining, was it scaring from my previous D/C, was it a bad embryo, was it bad timing, was it an underlying autoimmune issue. So many questions and so few answers. As any of you in the infertility world likely know, this is one of the most frustrating parts of the journey. You spends countless money, time and effort to have a child, you trust your medical professionals to have answers and the truth is, they just don’t.

IVF truly is a “trial and error” method.

There is still so much unknown about all the different factors which affect fertility that doctors and patients are like are left guessing and hoping and praying rather than having solid answers. Its very frustrating.

So Jason and I found ourselves at a point where we finally had a lot more say in what our next steps would be. As a team (Jason, myself and our RE) we decided that due to my allergic reaction to the estrogen patches and my failed transfer we would give a natural FET cycle a try. Due to my concerns regarding potential underlying immune issues we chose to follow an antihistamine protocol as well. Lastly, due to two failed previous attempts we decided we will be transferring two embryos this time around rather than one.

So what does this all actually look like… well its quite different actually…

With a natural cycle I take basically no medications at all prior to my transfer. I come in for weekly ultrasound/blood work checks to see if I am close to ovulating (similar to traditional IVF). Then once my lining is thick enough and I have a large enough follicle we will trigger and wait 5-6 days (not sure on this part yet) and then we will come in for our transfer! The idea is that naturally if I was pregnant it takes those 5-6 days for the embryo to travel to the uterus and therefore my body will accept the embryo as a natural process rather than a medically controlled environment.

Currently, I have been in for two ultrasound checks this past week. Both showed a lining at around 5mm and fairly quite ovaries with no major outliers as of yet. (RE said my body is likely still a bit suppressed from the previous cycle so its slow to grow, we decided to stick to the all natural protocol rather than adding in gonal-f to progress things). I will be returning for what I hope to be my last ultrasound check up on Tuesday of this upcoming week. My hope is that the lining has grown to 8mm or above and that I have a good follicle ready to go. If all goes according to plan (which it will …. thinking positively!) we will trigger on Tuesday night and be back the following Monday for our transfer.

We are so ready to be PUPO again and I KNOW this time we will be successful. Bring on our Lehner TWINS!! As always, sending you all lots of love, luck and baby dust!


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